• "I was feeling a huge sense of loss after my Mom's passing, and a sense that I needed to fill that hole with newly discovered creativity. What I learned from my sessions with Carrie was that I needed to go inside and discover what was keeping me from feeling creative. My work, with brilliant and loving guidance from Carrie, has helped me find my soul, my power, my gifts.  Some of this is creative. But most of it is uncovering and allowing a joyful, loving and meaningful life."

    Barbara Peck
  • "Thank you Carrie! I could go on for days about how you changed my life. You are among my top ten mentors/influencers that have helped shape the person I am today."

    Sarah Aguilar Speech and Language Pathologist - Phoenix, Arizona
  • "I would recommend this workshop. I found it wonderful to explore __ thoughts and create a new perspective with other people. It was great hearing other people overcome their limitations as well as getting a new perspective on myself."

    Jana Booker
  • "The environment [Carrie] created felt safe and allowed me to dig deep into my soul"

    Denise Merrick
  • "I needed to transition from the headspace I was into the reality of leading a fulfilling opportunity, or opportunities that used my energy, intellect, and creativity in a positive way. I now have the tools to do just that!"

    Kathleen O’Connor
  • "I had no idea or expectation that old stories would resurface - Through this workshop I was given tools and new verbiage to tack what is holding a part of my creative power back."

    Galen Trezise
  • "The [workshop] was not by any means easy, but Carrie’s positive attitude made it a lot more comfortable and I really felt that I, and the other participants, had genuinely worked through a lot of issues by the end of the day"

  • "Thank you Carrie for shaking my tree and being a force for good!"

    Stephanie Brown-Kerch
  • "If you have the chance to experience a Carrie Seid event, do it! She has so much to share and does so in a most personal, safe way. I can’t say enough good things about her!"

    Clare Delaney
  • "UNSTUCK/Carrie’s workshop provided me with an opportunity to learn how to be the best version of my creative self. The workshop empowered me to take control of my thoughts to benefit my creative ability."

    Stephanie B.
  • "[This workshop] is very eye-opening. I learned things about myself that now seem obvious but I would have never realized these things on my own. Sometimes I need help and I didn’t realize what kind until today."

    Adela Antoinette
  • "[Carrie] encouraged my fellow students and I to share ideas, collaborate, and help others see their work with fresh eyes and a new perspective. She pushed us to explore the limitless possibilities of everyday object/materials to uncover their hidden beauty"

  • I have absolutely valued our work together and its huge impact on my personal and professional growth.  I'm so grateful for Carrie's encouragement, wisdom, and the example she sets of leadership and grit. Carrie does an incredible job at what she does and I will be eternally thankful for how she has helped me grow.

    Dre Voelkel
    Dre Voelkel
  • When I first met Carrie I immediately felt in touch with my creative mind. We met at an airport where we had a lively conversation about artists and inventors. I usually never talk to people at airports but something about Carrie was fascinating, and I think she thought the same about me. When I told her about my background in Computer Science and some of my projects/inventions, she gave me her card which read, "Carrie Seid, Creative Catalyst". Creative Catalyst is a good word to describe what Carrie does, but she is much more than that. Yes, she is very good at identifying and growing your unique strengths, but she is also incredible at helping with your weaknesses. As a busy college student with dreams and aspirations that well surpassed the classroom, I always struggled with managing my time and feeling like I was doing enough. Through our discussions, Carrie helped me immensely with these feelings of doubt and uncertainty, and offered me clarity and peace of mind. Every time I left one of her sessions I felt focused and excited. Most of us have parents, friends, or mentors that help us in life. While these people can be very helpful, they also tend to have a stake in whatever we are doing. This is fine, but having an unbiased perspective on what you are doing is enlightening, and Carrie is the perfect person for it. She is understanding, warm, funny, professional, creative, and has a lot of life experience. All of these things make her the perfect Creative Catalyst / Life Coach / Therapist.

    Morgan H
  • "I met Carrie at a conference in 2016 where I was speaking where she approached me and said she wanted to work with me. After months of trying to get my employer to support her coaching, I decided to invest in myself and purchase a package of coaching sessions with Carrie. As she says, making the decision to invest in myself was the first step to breaking the cycle of negativity in my career. She has a remarkable skill for reframing problems, breaking them down into opportunities and hope. Over the next few months of incredible difficulty, she gave me the courage to fight for what I believed in and continue to do great work. Several months after our last session, I went back to Carrie again when I was stuck beyond belief. Again, she gave me steps and encouragement to get out of a deep creative and professional rut. I am so happy to have Carrie in my life. Carrie's words became mantras in my life. Without her coaching, my life would be very different right now."

    Andrea S.
  • "When I first contacted Carrie, I was in a challenging transition. I was at the tail end of moving my teaching-studio from a place I had been for 6 years. Not only was I aiming to launch a business as a teaching-artist for a wide range of community members in the new space, but I had also committed to produce a new body of work for an exhibit in the following Fall. The combination of the move, the reality of launching a new business and the stress of creating a new body of work had brought me to sheer panic, paralysis and major FEAR. Through Carrie's guidance, feedback, support and expertise, I can honestly say I am in a radically different place. The path was winding and took some unexpected turns that have all served to ground me in both my evolving business and my personal studio practice. I can't say enough about Carrie's unique perspective, skills and essence as an amazing guide and coach. She is compassionate, wise, trained in a variety of levels from studio practitioner to 'channel'. (!) Thank you, Carrie! I know there will be challenges ahead but I feel so much more equipped to meet the next chapter with tools & clarity."

  • "Carrie is a lightning bolt of great ideas, encouragement, and honesty. She helped me clear away the cobwebs of self-doubt so I could see my true value and power as an artist. And she kept me honest in sticking to that value. No more selling myself short! Along with the internal restructuring, Carrie also gave me direct advice on how to expand both the vision and audience for my work, suggesting new marketing strategies, membership associations, public art opportunities, and field assistants."

    Kimi Eisele
    Kimi Eisele Multidisciplinary Artist - Tucson, Arizona
  • "Carrie's workshop is the perfect combination of empathy, insight, and straightforward strategies. With her boundless optimism and honesty, she'll help you overcome self-doubt, focus your creative energy, and get going towards whatever goals you set for yourself."

    Craig B
    Craig B Writer
  • "Carrie Seid is a true teacher, completely committed to drawing out the best in students. She went far beyond the classroom to encourage my development and success, always pushing me to turn every project up to 11. I wish every aspiring artist could have this experience. Thanks, Carrie!"

    Brookhart Jonquil Sculptor - Miami, Florida
  • "Before I took Carrie Seid’s workshop, I felt unsure of my own abilities as an artist, unable to pursue my lifelong goals, and generally scared to live. I wasn’t doing anything that stoked my creative fire, and the work I was producing was sub-par. The miraculous thing about her course was, she didn’t give any of us who took it anything we didn’t already have. She simply showed us a way, or rather, many ways to get out of the funk, to take off the chains put on us by societal norms and pressures. After completing her course, I felt uplifted, and endlessly supported by the community of people who came together in this forum. Months later, I was reminded of all I had learned with a letter addressed to myself, written during Carrie’s class, outlining all the wonderful things I had hoped to see myself doing. I realized that I had, in fact, set foot upon a path of my own choosing, and started the process of living the full, creative life I was meant to live. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to conquer their fears, learn how to fulfill their wildest dreams, and succeed in any aspect of their life."

    Chris Hokin
    Chris Hokin Sculptor, martial artist, actor - Los Angeles, California
  • "Before I met Carrie, I was trapped in a part time day job working in an Art Gallery for someone who not only didn't appreciate my gifts, but did not see me for the amazing person I am.  I felt under appreciated, stuck, and powerless. I was working with this person to sell my work at fairly high prices, but something was definitely missing. After working with Carrie, in just a few short months, Carrie empowered me to realize I did not need this job, and could actually make more money selling my work full time.  She helped me see that by investing my precious time and energy into my unique work, I am able to utilize my abilities to surround myself with Abundance. We had an instant connection, the kind where you know you are meant to be in each other's lives.  Carrie's energy is infectious; her feedback is full of life and vitality which is important when you need someone cheering in your corner. She is a bottomless pit of resources, relevant information, and helpful exercises that encouraged me to make the most of my valuable assets. Carrie is the ambassador for, The Law of Attraction.  She helped me understand exactly what I needed and how to get out of my head and out of my own way.  Since my work with Carrie, I have started living my life with more meaning, abundance, and attracting the things I want, while learning how to let go of things no longer serving me, releasing the fear and anxiety I unwillingly attached myself too. We all need a guide, to steer us in the direction we want to go. We are the captains and the navigators of our own sails, Carrie is the wind who will provide you the essential energy and momentum to remedy the blocks getting in the way of the places you always dreamed of going. If you're tired of feeling stuck, bored, unhappy where you are, knowing you can do more with your life and your creativity, I highly recommend getting in touch with Carrie sooner rather than later.  My life needed Carrie's spark to help me show up to my truest self, without limiting beliefs or self imposted restrictions.  I feel with Carrie's support, she helped unleash the dynamic unstoppable force within me, the one I always knew was there, but was afraid to let out and shine for the world to see."

    Hadas T.
    Hadas T.
  • "She uses the titles "Creativity Coach," or "Life Coach," but Carrie is really a "Be-True-To-Yourself Coach."  She'll challenge you, she'll empathize with you, and she'll make you a more honest you. I know she probably can't say it, but she's really a therapist (and the best therapist I've ever had). We're all creators, and to the extent, we feel dissatisfied with our creations (either within ourselves or without) we feel dissatisfied with life.  Carrie will help you realize that it's the process of creation, and our reflection on that process -- rather than any particular outcomes -- that really matters. Carrie's just the best, a bit of a magician, and worth every penny."

    Craig B.
    Craig B.